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SAINT CHIC's New Nail Art Subscription Envelope

02 Mar 2021 0 Comments

What makes this monthly subscription so special?

We are all seeing celebs and influencers with an extra layer of fab. Plain Jane nails are a missed opportunity to add levels to your look.

The most famous nail artists are being booked by talons like La La, Megan Thee Stallion and Kylie Jenner at top pay for the most dynamic nails.

Wether you like natural nails or extravagant extra long stiletto nails, you too can enjoy the evergreen trend.

Do it yourself, or take the nail art to your nail salon.

There's more than enough, decals, charms, rhinestones and gels, to change your look every week, or every day if you're fancy.

The first envelope is out and here's what's inside. 

LOVE IN THE AIR, Stamping Plate

Stamping plates are the best way to make crisp line art with polish. We've got you started with a plate, but you will need some other tools before you try this amazing technique. Don't worry, your next envelopes may contain some of these tools (or similar ones). But in order to get started, you definitely need: 



Ready, Set, Go with this easy technique. All you need is some alcohol to remove any oils from the nail. You've already got a SAINT CHIC NAILS Emery Board File to remove the excess.



Every day is a good day to show some love. The cutest 3D love inspired stickers are yours. Use a tweezer to lift the sticker and apply it to a polished (dried) nail. Use a gel top coat to cure.


ROSE, Water Decal Stickers

Water decals are cool because they look painted on. We won't tell if you pretend that you did the artwork! All you need is a small tray for water. Peel the plastic off, dip the sticker and then use a tweezer to slide the artwork off of the paper. Apply to nails. Topcoat. Cure. Done. Voila!


PLAY HEART, Designer Transfer Foil

Comme Des Garsçon's PLAY logo is in step and repeat on this foil. Cover one or all of your nails with this playful pop of a print. Hype-beasts and fashion design lovers will envy you. You will need a foil transfer gel to adhere the foil to your nails.


HEARTED, Nail Charms

Go luxe or go home! Like wearing heart shaped rubies on your nails. Use tweezers and nail art glue to affix the charms to painted nails. We suggest curing with a top coat and LED lamp.




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