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These are so good

I love that they stretch but its not elastic. So luxe.

Item came perfectly but the customer service to find my missing items has been completely unprofessional and refuses to acknowledge the correct tracking numbers to the correct items. Missing 2/4 items purchased.

No you have not addressed my concerns. You are only sending the shipping number for this item as the other two which have different tracking numbers I have supplied to you and sent to me via email upon purchasing. I only received two out of the four and the two tracking numbers show it was not been delivered.

This is the second time I have ordered these and the second time they have not arrived and customer service is lying saying they are delivered l, even marked it as delivered the day they tried saying it had been delivered.

I sent them the correct tracking number that shows it’s still not been delivered but then they went silent….. AGAIN

No they were not delivered 4/15. The other two items were delivered. I sent you the correct tracking numbers for these out of the four received and it shows they were not delivered.

Necklaces are child size.

Glad to hear you are now doing extendors but that doesn’t help me now after already purchasing the items.

Broke on me at concert hella times.

Hi! So sorry to hear that. It is a popular item and we have not had this complaint often. If you wish to share more details, please contact us as we take product feedback into consideration.

Genevieve Hoeger

Really beautiful bikini, it is double wear - on one side yellow & the other side white

Neal Heidenreich


Rebecca Dengrove
Fabulous socks!

These socks are so comfortable and stylish. I love them.

Sooo happy you love them! Thank you for the feedback, Rebecca!

Love the socks and the receiver did as well as

RETRO Hair Bow
Alessandra Goyette

very beautiful and good just like in the picture

RETRO Hair Bow
Dallas Breitenberg

very beautiful highly recommend

Orville Torp

Delighted with my purchase, frankly it is top for the summer and in addition to my surprise it is reversible I recommend it

RETRO Hair Bow
Maximillia McDermott

A good bow for the price. Good quality, no extra threads sticking out, well glued to the barrette. Cute warm milky colour.

JANE Tabi Shoe
Nikki Schmeler

Funny, kind of comfortable. But arrived without a box.

BRUNCH Tee Shirt
Oscar Jenkins

Cool! You can even everyone on a bachelorette party. You can take more size to oversize