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05 Aug 2014 0 Comments

Too many things happened since we last blabbed...


Other than Beyonce and Nicki Minaj collaborating on a Flawless remix, we collaborated with a haute style team for a shoot at Elléments Magazine. Our Paparazzi Visor ™ 2.0 is such a huge star for year round sun-blocking...


Vas J. Morgan was spotted in our "shade" jersey looking super cute, I wonder if he will let his BFF's Lindsay Lohan or Rita Ora borrow it if they ask?...


If you are smart enough to keep up with our gossip section, then you will be slick enough to get our discount codes. We only publish them here and they are available until our next post. Enter ELLEMENTS at checkout for sweet savings on the Paparazzi Visor 2.0. We don't care if you spread the word, you heard?...

Ellements Magazine features the Paparazzi Visor™ 2.0

Have you checked out our PAPARAZZI page? All of our fans show up there and they are all famous in our starry eyes! WE LOVE YOU!

When you get a chance, make sure you tell TMZ that the "V. Stiviano Visor" is really called the Paparazzi Visor™. Trust us...our name will last much longer.

Bless you,


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