• SAINTCHiC will be on 24 Hour Catwalk TONIGHT at 10:30 on Lifetime

     Watch it and then visit the SAINTCHiC Face Book page to comment HERE
  • Ready for your Red Carpet?

    As much as we really want a celeb to rock our shit on the red carpet, we'd rather not chase stylists down and pin our clothes on their client. True story.  Instead we actually want people to love it, and then just be wearing it one day, and then get photographed, or videoed, or whatever. You know? Like in the old days, when people...
  • Hello? This is a model call.

    We had a model casting for SAINTCHiC Spring/Summer 2012 last week. Here's a look from our last photo shoot. Yes, we listened to JZ/Kanye.  
  • What Clothes Should Feel Like

     For those of you who need to look at moving pictures, here's a compilation of some of our favorite looks.   CLOTHES Should Feel Like THIS from SAINTCHiC on Vimeo.
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