The AFRICA dress was my fave of the night on 24 Hour Catwalk.  The judges loved it best too.  Watch me make it on Lifetime.  Buy it at soon  SAINTCHiC AND HER FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WHILE COMPETING Bisou, SC


Hello? This is a model call.

We had a model casting for SAINTCHiC Spring/Summer 2012 last week. Here's a look from our last photo shoot. Yes, we listened to JZ/Kanye.  


xo 2012

  January is like, so many things. Firstly, it's the beginning of new things. Like new diets. The coffee and cigarette diet is soo passe', so the new diet is just breathing in and out deeply, and drinking tea at room temperature. Well, not really. Really, for us, we're working on old things but in a new way. Liiike, finding new ways...