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17 Dec 2011 0 commentaires


I think people may be wondering why I'm in a contest.

Ummm. I guess I do love to compete...when it's worth it. 

C'mon, it's VOUGE!

And, I must say, VOGUE Italia is the most progressive Vogue ever. They highlight

curvy girls, Black girls, new talent...and more. 

And, OMG, have you checked out MUUSE yet? It's for fashion lovers who must

have the "must haves". I'm excited to be a part of all of this, period!


I've featured my fave girls, Raina, Nyne Lyves and Kashmir. If I win, we all win.

Click here to VOTE for SAINTCHiC! Scroll down and vote. It takes two minutes.

one million x's and o's


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