"Living" in SAINTCHiC

   @BobbiDahl tweeted me and said "definitely 'living' in the AGNYS right now". Now, "living" means a couple of things to me. 1) "I am 'LIVING' for this dress, chile"! Translation: This person breathes lives and will die for the dress, the dress is currently enhancing life triple-fold. 2) "I have been living in this dress all weekend, chile!" Translation: This person...

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  I think people may be wondering why I'm in a contest. Ummm. I guess I do love to compete...when it's worth it.  C'mon, it's VOUGE! And, I must say, VOGUE Italia is the most progressive Vogue ever. They highlight curvy girls, Black girls, new talent...and more.  And, OMG, have you checked out MUUSE yet? It's for fashion lovers who must have...

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In a day's work.

     Picking color. Picking photos. Love what you do. Like us on Facebook. xo.

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Welcome, Welkom, Bienvenue, Aloha, Velkomin!!!

I can say it a hundred times in a hundred different languages, and it all means that I am glad you are here!  My name is Gingie McLeod. I came up with the concepts and designs for this line, SAINTCHiC.  I'm going to use this blog space to post about all of the kewl things going on in the SAINTCHiC world. Thanks...

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