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Put Together an Outfit for an Event or Trip

Our top trending fashion accessories are a great start to putting together an outfit for any fabulous event like a dinner, trip, wedding or party.

When we go out, we tend to gear up in a coordinating fashion look. Some people may call it a "get-up". What exactly is an outfit? Does it have to match? When does getting dressed up look like a costume?

Getting "dressed up" can be any outfit you wear that is not your daily wear. When you aren't wearing work wear or active wear, what type of outfits are you looking for?

At SAINT CHIC we want to add to your outfit with an accessory that is fabulous. Getting dressed up can mean a gown or a party top. Some people who typically dress basic, may think an outfit from SAINT CHIC is a costume. 

A costume in our definition is what is created by a wardrobe department for a paid theater or on screen appearance. So please, if you see us being fabulous, it is a "look" and not a "costume" (two snaps and a twirl).

Take a look at our top trending fashion accessories that can elevate any outfit when you're getting dressed up.


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