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How many belt bags should I have?

I got this question and I’m obsessed with the trend so this info could help all of us style the belt bag trend. The Belt Bag is a 2nd generation  fanny pack, which means it’s the most versatile way to carry any and everything. 


As a rule of thumb, I have a belt bag available for every occasion of the day.


Gym time - access to my gym requires a key fob, so I’ve gotta keep it on me. 
Lifeline - My phone needs easy access to taking selfies, posting and googling political terms. 
Money Moves- A belt bag can hold my credit cards in case I go from gym to the streets. 
Meal Prep - Grocery shopping is hands free. Voila. 


If I’m having quick meetings and errands all day in the city, I may hang around for a cocktail or three. 
Wearing a belt bag when I go to lounges and chic bars in New York is smart dressing for evening or date night.  My matte lipstick is right there and I don’t have to worry about putting my bag down while I’m working the room.
My answer is to have 3 belt bags to start. Try a sporty look, trendy look and a luxe look. 

 Popular Gucci inspired belt bag fanny pack


Trendy belt bag

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