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Fave Place of the Moment: Belize

Winter is upon us in New York so I can't help but reminisce about my time in Belize. Really CRAZY times!

From escaping to a private caye on an inadequate fishing boat to snorkeling in one of the worlds largest barrier reefs, Belize is a fun & relaxing coast.

I have to say though, I suffered the worst sunburn in all of my life! Here's a tip, don't fall asleep on a boat deck for hours in the sun in Belize! The equator is just too close for comfort. 

My trip trip Belize was before the Paparazzi Visor™ was created. Maybe the idea was conceived there though. That was the first time I got so badly burned by the sun that it changed my love for the sun forever. 

Now I try to stay shaded as much as possible. I can't image what actual fire burn victims go through. Sun burn is bad enough?

I'd definitely take a Deluxe Paparazzi Visor™ with me the next time like the one my friend Carlton has on in the picture. You need heavy duty protection in Belize.

Here are a few links to some of the best spots in Belize:





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