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Take Flight

A Few weeks ago, a fly chick bought the CLOAK in Tencel French Terry. 

Sure, she loved it at that point, I could tell. It was written on her face. A couple of days ago, I got an email from the same fan saying how much she adores the CLOAK. She said that she wore it to JFK (New York) on her way to CDG (Paris), and it kept her warm en route. She said that on the plane, she likes to kind-of "strip down" so her skin can breathe, but of course, it always gets chilly so she likes to wrap up. She thanked me to no end at how remarkable this "soft and cuddly fabric" is. I think she couldn't believe how perfect it is to wear when traveling.

I told her, "Duh, that's what it's designed for!" The concept is the Nomadic Woman. You know, the woman who is going places. She needs to be warm, but cool at the same time. And, fine textures and textiles are a must. 

She's the SAINTCHiC ultimate muse.  

Enter ECO-CHiC at check out to get this CLOAK for half off.

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