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"Living" in SAINTCHiC


@BobbiDahl tweeted me and said "definitely 'living' in the AGNYS right now".

Now, "living" means a couple of things to me.

1) "I am 'LIVING' for this dress, chile"!

Translation: This person breathes lives and will die for the dress, the dress is currently enhancing life triple-fold.

2) "I have been living in this dress all weekend, chile!"

Translation: This person has made the dress like a second skin and wears it to breakfast/lunch/dinner/nite nite time.

I'm not really sure which one she meant. It's possible that @bobbidahl is having the time of her life in the dress, or maybe she's decided it's her second skin for a time being.

Either way, the AGNYS dress, is actually the perfect dress for loafing around and then jumping up to do something totally random.

The Tencel (eucalyptus pulp) and organic cotton jersey versions are so soft it's unbelievable. 

Go to a pet store and pet a rabbit right now. That's what the dresses feel like.


Does this ever happen to you?:

You're walking around with a body suit on and the doorbell rings. UGH! Gotta rush around to find something to put on, right? A robe is too homely, and you wish you had something to pull over your head that would cover everything up, but still look chic. 

The AGNYS is perfect for a time like this. It happens to me all the time and I grab the AGNYS. Sometimes I throw the CLOAK on too, especially if it's my building super at the door, he gives me chilling looks.


You and your friends rented a chalet for a weekend in the Winter time. Before bed, but after dinner, you want to slip into something loungy. One friend goes to throw on some leggings and a tee (boring), the other friend shoots for the Vicki Pink sweatsuit (childish) and the other has on some flannel mistake that she wears to bed (what?). You definitely want to out-do your friends, because that's what fashiony people do. If you've packed your AGNYS, then you're fine because you look like a modern day Cleopatra, perched on the sofa covered from head to toe, sipping spiked hot chocolate, in a chic gown. #winning.

The way I see it, the AGNYS is a gown that can be worn at anytime.

To buy the AGNYS. Click here. It's currently 50% off if you enter ECO-CHiC at checkout.


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