Daily Obsession

Something about me is obsessed with days of the week.

TODAY, I'm obsessed with this video. Bobbi Dahl must be obsessed with 

the day's of the week too. Watch that animal dancing at 2:33. This 

fashion film is Cunty Munty Hunty. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh.


Ironically, Thursday isn't the favored day. Today. I don't even like

the song THURSDAY by the weekend. When he start's counting 

down the week mid song, it's bothersome. But, I do love The Weekend,

NOT the actual weekend, but the crooner. I promise I hadn't seen thier

Glass Table Girls video when I gave this interview (scroll down to see my

answers) . It's cunty munty hunty though.


Don't forget the Eco-CHiC Collection is having a sample sale. Half off

at checkout with ECO-CHiC code. I've been wearing my cloak around

the flat in NYC. Brrrr.