Black Hoodie

  Shooting people and profiling is WRONG. We rocked this black hoodie we like to call the CLOAK today in memory of Trayvon Martin. Who knew fashion could be so deadly. SMH. Be safe and don't  stop fighting for what's right. RIP Trayvon Martin. Blessing you with style, SAINTCHiC

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Daily Obsession

Something about me is obsessed with days of the week. TODAY, I'm obsessed with this video. Bobbi Dahl must be obsessed with  the day's of the week too. Watch that animal dancing at 2:33. This  fashion film is Cunty Munty Hunty. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh.   Ironically, Thursday isn't the favored day. Today. I don't even like the song THURSDAY by the weekend. When he...

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   SAINTCHiC x TOTEM We went to the Beach in Brooklyn. Yes, Brooklyn. The lighting was purrrfect for taking some flix for fun. It was overcast, so there were no shadows. We took the luxxe CLOAK and BONDAGE pant in  jersey. She's wearing her zippers to the front. Why not? I think we are having  a party somewhere really fun soon. Keep...

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