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How to fake wealth / Decor Edition

01 Oct 2018 0 commentaires

I was dating this guy. He was from the hills of Switzerland, I’m from the heights of Manhattan

We met in Brooklyn. After several cultured dates, I went to his place.

I’m a visual naturally, I looked around. 

He had a bust. The type of head bust statue you see in a museum. The alabaster head of an old man. It was his grandfather.

How regal to memorialize him this way. 

The relationship didn’t last as long as my memory of the bust sitting atop a table in Brooklyn. 

I found these (see below) on my hunt for a way to memorialize my dreams... of being regal inherently. We can all shop for statues here, now. 


When people come over, I tell them this is my auntie. 

Statue Bust for home decor.

My uncle, Domonique. 



Head bust statue home decor.

My cousins and them.


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