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Where to Buy Ladies Loose Fit Tennis Shirts

01 Feb 2019 20 commentaires

Ladies loose fit tennis shirt

Let’s face it, we can’t all be Serena Williams. But, many of us are tennis enthusiasts. Tennis Cool is a brand of Tennis Tees and Racebacks known for their loose fit and moisture wicking materials. The USTA approved brand is loved by many ranking tennis leagues and teams, particularly in the East Coast. 

The tops have fun sayings for women’s doubles teams like “Double Trouble” and “My Partner Rocks”. 

They even gave a nod to the literary sensation The Joy of Sex and name one of their tops, “The Joy of Tennis”.

Tennis Cool shirts make a great gift for a tennis enthusiast of all ages. Or, stock up for your tennis team. 


Check Them Out Here. 

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20 commentaires

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