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On the RUN! Leann, Eddie, and Sainthood!

18 Jul 2014 0 commentaires

Lately we've been harping on the health benefits of wearing the full face Paparazzi Visor™

But lets be honest, with the recent publicity of the visors at the BET Awards in the #BETexperience gift bags, and Wendy Williams gifting our visors to LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Eddie Cibrian, we can't deny that the Paparazzi Visor was envisioned for the seen to be unseen. 

On the show yesterday morning Wendy and the the special Mr. and Mrs. chat about their new reality tv series, the outrageous tabloid headlines surrounding the couple, and why the couple decided to submit their lives to reality TV. Check out their response to her gift to them at 8:54 below!  

But celebrities aren't the only ones celebrating the receipt of their Paparazzi Visor. Check the Paparazzi Pics tab on our homepage, here everyone who has tagged #SAINTCHiC and mentioned us on instagram and twitter can be seen throwing shade in their SAINTCHiC apparel. 

However there are still many who haven't entered into Sainthood, to whom I say, come visit our office for the sample sale of the summer. We are featuring the Paparazzi Visor for less than half its original price. The sale was on thursday and friday as well, click here for more details!

Maybe you'll even be able to sneak a peek at what new things are in the works! 


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