CURSIVE Name Necklace Custom Iced Pendant Chain
Choose up to 20 letters to create a custom iced pendant name necklace. Personalized to your liking, choose from gold or silver plating with cubic zirconia stones and 18 inch rope chain. Beautiful high quality piece. Made of copper.  Pendant...
from 264 kr
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NAME Necklace Custom Big Cuban Bubble Letter / Number Chain
*actual video of product Choose any letters or numbers to create your own icy bubble letter pendant with Cuban link chain. Customize name to your preference. Made of copper metal with gold or silver plating, and hand placed cubic zirconia...
from 581 kr
  • Gold
  • Silver
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CURLY Custom Iced Name Necklace - Silver
Select any letters to create a custom icy pendant in a cursive font. Styled on beautiful baguette style chain laid with cubic zirconia stones, silver plated.   By default, the first letter is uppercase and the other letters are lowercase. ...
from 1 320 kr
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