Kim Kardashian West, North West & Kanye West as seen by Kaitlyn Kimchi | SAINT CHIC
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Kim Kardashian West, North West & Kanye West as seen by Kaitlyn Kimchi

20 Oct 2018 0 Comments
Kim kardashian and north west in africa with kanye west giving out yeezy's
artwork by Kaitlyn Kimchi

We love when our fans wear the Paparazzi Visor™.

The Paparazzi Visor™2.0 seen here on Kim Kardashian and North West is our second lens shape.

You remember when the Paparazzi Visor™ went viral in 2014 during the scandal with Clippers Owner, Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano, right? We started with the Long Lens Paparazzi Visor™ and then we created the short lens version. Later we created the Midi Chrome Lens.

We started the trend during a scandal and as long as scandals go, the Paparazzi Visor™ will be a trend.

We love when celebs wear the visor, sure. But we love when our fans wear it more.

We ALWAYS get so much flack for shielding the faces of scandalous famous or wannabe famous people.

Aren't we all wannabe famous people? If you've ever posted to social media then yeah, you too.

In 2014, I was chased in the streets of New York by angry old Sterling supporters. They yelled profanities and asked why I wanted to be associated by V. Stiviano.

I didn't want to be associated. Didn't really have a choice.

October 2018 in Uganda, Kim and North are spotted wearing the Paparazzi Visor™ 2.0 by SAINT CHIC. Kanye stands by but thankfully isn't wearing it or the MAGA hat for that matter.

I got so many frustrated calls from family and close friends about them wearing the visor. Saying they love the visor but hate Kim and Kanye. 

I don't care. 

It's the art. The conversation. The fun that comes from the visor that is important.

Kaitlyn Kimchi is the artist for the surreal graphic created by yet another "scandal" incorporating the Paparazzi Visor™ by SAINT CHIC.

kaitlyn kimchi creates kim kardashian west and kanye west artwork

Kaitlyn Kimchi wearing the Paparazzi Visor 2.0

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