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What is Tencel? It's Eco-CHiC!

23 Nov 2011 0 Comments

 When asked about the sustainable fabric, Tencel, here's what we've got to say:

 What the heck is Tencel? 

This new fiber, made from Eucalyptus Pulp, represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles.

 What does it feel like?

It feels really soft. It's very breathable, super lightweight and comfortable.

 How long will my garment last?

It's a very strong fiber, wet and dry. It feels delicate, but it's durable. Perfect for people who live really active lives.

 How do I take care of Tencel clothes? 

They are easy to maintain. Use an eco-friendly detergent. Tencel dries REALLY fast. It's magical. It's wrinkle resistant, so it's great for packing. We love to travel so it suits us.

 What makes it Eco-CHiC? 

It's made from natural fibers. It's made in a way that is very environmentally sound and resourceful. It's bio-degradable.

Click here to see the full Tencel Collection.

The ECO-CHiC Collection is having a sample sale. Enter ECO-Chic for 50% savings at the check out.


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