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19 Sep 2014 0 Comments

Jeez, here on the North East Coast, we are feeling the chill. So, it's time to pack our bags.

We are headed to IBIZA!! Yup, Paparazzi Visors™ have landed in Ibiza today. Have you seen them?


We are also packing it up and taking our Luxury UV Style to Miami, the Fontainebleau Resort to be exact. They love our visors so much that they stock them in two stores, Morris & Co. and the Aquamarine Swim Shop. This luxe hotel is where all the playas play. LIV on Sunday...what cha know about that!!?? If you're lucky enough to stay in a room at the FB Resort then you know how absolutely fabulous it is. And, the poolside?! Fugghetabout it! Speaking of the Fountainebleau...


The REVOLT Music Conference will be held there. Big shots like P.Diddy will be in the building. Monday we sent him a Paparazzi Visor 2.0, has he worn it yet? (Here's a discount code for HALF OFF of the Paparazzi Visor 2.0, only for a limited time. Enter PDIDDY at checkout.)  Who knows. We do know that our fave gal Sib Vicious from REVOLT TV wears our SHADE mesh tee. She's so cute. Our type of girl, pink hair and all.


Let's see, what else...OH! We have a new collection! It's TOOOO FAB. It's a luxury collection so each visor has a hard lens, plush materials and comes in a custom made box with a lens cover and a chamois to wipe those finger prints off. This is some next level stuff. You can see some of the styles via our instagram page @SAINTCHIC


Did you know...the Paparazzi Visors™ have a clear film on the inside that can be removed. Check out the youtube video demonstration. Spot the visor made by Couture Mask?! So HOT!!!


Speaking of removable...our new collection features removable lenses!! So chic. SAINTCHIC!



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