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PAPARAXXI and The New Collection

08 Jul 2014 0 Comments
Page Six In Cannes, France
There's something so alluring about being stalked by cameras. I think secretly, we all want that attention. I never really understand why celebs cover their face with their hands in front of the paparazzi. We still know who it is. Although, there wouldn't be anything fun about the whole "paparazzi" idea if they just walked around casually. That's what normal people do. 
I'm taking to blogging. I deleted all of my social media apps (including Tinder and OKCupid). Over the weekend, The Dream Hotel Downtown, accommodated me as I used the pool and ordered too many drinks. I took so many selfies, I actually got tired of seeing myself. Social media takes up so much of our valuable time. It's not like I have to design another visor collection or anything. It's not like the Accessories Editor of Vogue Magazine called, or European Distributors...or...
Actually those things did happen.
I am a nerd. I am not young. I used to get all of my information from volumes of encyclopedias and used to use the Dewey Decimal System (what?). So anytime I have to design something, I have to come up with a huge story around it. When I appeared on 24 Hour Catwalk with Alexa Chung on Lifetime, I basically made it to the second round because Derek Blasberg of Harper's Bazaar told me that my stories could sell "Ice to an Eskimo". I took the panel of the show and my fictional muse on an imaginary trip around the world in less than 2 minutes.
So, this next collection is... it's a bit dark. Still playing on "shade". I can't give away all of the details, but Princess Diana is a muse here. She was, after all, killed by the Paparazzi. There's also a bit of old glamour involved, but I don't want you to miss the surprises.  Take a look at the images below though and you can get some hints. -SAINTCHIC
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