Dollar, Dollar Bill's Y'all! New Nail Art This Month!

We are so happy that you will be able to create nail art with us. DIY or take your nail art to your fave nail tech!

Below you will find the items in your pack and tips on how to use them. By the way, until we create more content, we love YouTube for tutorials. Make sure you tag us when you create nail art so we can love it and share!

Check out this new Spring 2021 compilation video of many nail art techniques.


MONEY Nail Art Stickers

BO$$ UP with these dollar bill and dollar sign stickers for your nails. Create casino style nails! 1 sheet. Comes with instructions.


STRIPE, Nail Art Sticker Roll

Thin strips of metallic line art for manicure nails. Design gold and pink 1mm lines on all nail types from a continuous roll of line sticker nail art.

PRETTY Ballerina Press on Nails

A full set of ballerina shaped press on nails. Decorate these nails or press and go!



20 metal chains for your nail art. Create punk and hip hop nails with these unique nail charms. 15 grams weight. 4mm size. Alloy material.


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