FLOWER B O M B! New Nail Art This Month!

We are so happy that you will be able to create nail art with us. DIY or take your nail art to your fave nail tech!

Below you will find the items in your pack and tips on how to use them. By the way, until we create more content, we love YouTube for tutorials. Make sure you tag us when you create nail art so we can love it and share!

Check out this new Spring 2021 compilation video of many nail art techniques.


BOUQUET Nail Art Charms

Dried flowers, faux flowers, silk flowers. Get the look of real 4D flowers with these soft charms.


BLACK PINK, Polish Wraps

The easiest and most effective way to do your nails. Stick on, file to shape and cure with a top coat and uv lamp.

LASER, Nail Art Transfer Foil

Create dimension with iridescent foils in many shapes. 


CAVIAR, Nail Beads

Tiny beads in many colors to add dimension and texture.


ASSORTED, Floral Nail Stickers

This month's stickers are bouquet burst! Full coverage stickers, glittery stickers, shiny ad bold stickers.


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