Face to Face with New Nail Art This Month!

We are so happy that you will be able to create nail art with us. DIY or take your nail art to your fave nail tech!

Below you will find the items in your pack and tips on how to use them. By the way, until we create more content, we love YouTube for tutorials. Make sure you tag us when you create nail art so we can love it and share!

Check out this compilation video of many nail art techniques.


ARTIST Series Stamping Plate

Stamping plates are the best way to make crisp line art with polish. We've got you started with a plate, but you will need some other tools before you try this amazing technique. Don't worry, your next envelopes may contain some of these tools (or similar ones). But in order to get started, you definitely need: 


TONAL, Wrap Set

Ready, Set, Go with this easy technique. All you need is some alcohol to remove any oils from the nail. You've already got a SAINT CHIC NAILS Emery Board File to remove the excess.


FACES, Stickers

Water decals are cool because they look painted on. We won't tell if you pretend that you did the artwork! All you need is a small tray for water. Peel the plastic off, dip the sticker and then use a tweezer to slide the artwork off of the paper. Apply to nails. Topcoat. Cure. Done. Voila!


DESIGNER, Stickers

Gold or silver Japanese-style 3D High end designer stickers. Our most popular nail art is yours. Get creative with high end designer inspired logo's.



Go luxe or go home! Like wearing the biggest designer logo as hand jewelry. Use tweezers and nail art glue to affix the charms to painted nails. We suggest curing with a top coat and LED lamp.



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