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Special Message During Difficult Times

Covid 19 has presented especially challenging times for all businesses. We ask, that before you leave a negative review about the timeliness of your order, or help desk response, that you consider that some issues are out of our control. Not only does our company have ongoing nuances and adjustments, so do our partners. For example: late USPS pick ups, longer wait times for inventory supply, stricter bank processing, etc. Negative reviews and complaints about our business is very damaging and does not reflect the core of our biz, but just an unhappy moment. If we could invite you in to see us work hard to get your order out, we would. In the meantime, please visit our IG & FB page. We will try as best as possible to connect with you so that you can see that we are dealing with life changes, just like you are. - Love & Light, SAINT CHIC


SAINT CHIC dot com are collections of unique items sourced from the near and far regions of the world.
The team at SAINT CHIC is located globally but headquartered in New York City.
We hope you enjoy our curation of unique fashion accessories. 
SAINT CHIC INC created the Paparazzi Visor™ trend. The technically designed sun visor hat with polycarbonate plastic lens, was designed in TriBeCa, New York City. Our carefully crafted materials and specific fit is designed by SAINT CHIC.
The original Paparazzi Visor™️ by SAINT CHIC went viral in 2014. You may remember the news surrounding the scandal surrounding the owner of the Clippers NBA team.
The brand, SAINT CHIC was founded in 2011 by fashion designer, Gingie McLeod (pictured above) of Parsons School of Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
The team at SAINT CHIC INC is located globally but headquartered in New York City.
We hope you enjoy our curation of unique fashion accessories. 
“We consider our customers to be our celebrity, our muse and we are their stylists”, says Gingie, President & C.E.O.
SAINT CHIC Inc. promotes diversity, inclusion, pride and sustainability. It is our lifeblood and framework for happiness and success.
Our business is based on a mobile, sustainable business model.
To do business with us, get in touch: contact@saintchic.com
We welcome feedback and collaborations.
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