Paparazzi Visor Owners Manual




The Ultra Violet Protective Visor has the following properties:

- 99% UVB Protection
- 50+ UPF
- 100% Visibility Lens
- Moisture Wicking Headband to repel sweat

Instructions for use:

Each visor has a plastic film on the underside of the lens.

This protective film can be peeled away for greater visibilty. Note that if the film begins to peel on it’s own, the item is not damaged.


The Paparazzi VisorTM has 7 levels of silent visor adjustment for custom levels of shade.

Each level of shade is useful for different activities. For example, when playing tennis, often while serving, the sun is blinding. A setting at half of the face will allow for greater visibility in the sun.


The Paparazzi Visor has a magical lens that is very delicate. It may be wiped clean with a soft chamois, similar to the type intended for eyeglasses.


Take care to store your visor so that the lens will not be crushed or scratched. We reccomend to keep your visor in a soft drawstring sack.


We do not recommend keeping your visor static in direct sunlight for prolonged amounts of time. As with any item that is left in direct sunlight, it may affect the integrity of the design.

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