Should you buy a face shield? 5 Reasons why you should.

Don't know which type of face covering to buy? Here are some ideas.

NBC News Wellness featured our most popular bucket hat with shield in July. Here are 5 reasons to buy a face shield during the pandemic and in to the future.

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1. Face shields are easy to talk through. With a clear lens, everyone can see your mouth while you're talking. It's a comfortable option for people who go to work at a restaurant, and for people who work at salons to keep clients safe.

2. A shield can be worn with makeup. I don't know about you but I still apply make up! Wearing a mask is impossible with lipstick. Masks have also caused acne breakouts on my face. A shield is a great option to allow my skin to breathe.

hat with shield for kids back to school

3. Kids going back to school can eat with a shield. A bucket hat with a shield is a fun and comfortable option for young kids going back to school. A hat is familiar to wear and the shield allows for kids to eat and be easily understood by teachers.

4. Face shields for the elderly are no fuss. The elders have been through it all. Healthcare workers and aides can easily carry a shield while taking walks and transporting to doctor appointments.

5. We may be in this for the long haul. I've lived in New York for decades and always imagined millions harmless of germs flying around. Covid-19 germs seem like a different beast, so best be prepared. Accumulating a wardrobe of social distancing masks and shields for your face is becoming as important as a drawer full of fresh undies.